After dividing the metheglin in 4 carboys and observing them for a few days for any unusual occurrences, I’ve started bottling the metheglin so finally I can stash and distribute them accordingly.

The process for doing this goes as follows;

A day before, I soaked the necessary amount of corks in a warm water-Bisulphite solution for 24 hours to sanitize them. Then I prepared the bottles by rinsing them using a bottle sulfiter (rinser) filled with warm water-bisulphite solution to sanitize them as well.

Sanitizing the corks

On the day, I started by sanitizing the measuring jug and the funnel I use. Then I pour the metheglin from the five, five Litre carboys into the measuring jug and using the funnel I pour  the metheglin into the wine bottles and cork them using a corking devise.

Sanitizing the bottling equipment


Bottles Ready






After that, I attach the labels and, using a heat gun, I fit the cap heat shrinks on the bottle necks, and the result is bottles that look like the one in the featured image 😀


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