Now that the festivities are over, I’m back to the usual work routine; penning down scheduled stuff that I need to do, while, getting inspired to craft new types of mead and metheglins, but, I realized that I needed an equipment upgrade first!

The small corking tool I use broke with all the bottles I had to cork for the last batch. So, I bought a semi- industrial corking tool similar to the picture shown below:

corking device


And I can say with a smile on my face that it made my life much easier to cork those bottles than using my old, syringe type corker!

Also, since the old cooking pot I use to sanitize the water and honey is small to brew mead in large quantities, which makes it time consuming. I realized that a bigger cooking pot is needed, so I bought one!


Having said that; I thought that since I’m mentioning something related to the equipment I use to brew mead, why not write about it. At the moment I’m drafting a post about the equipment I use.

Stay tuned for some detailed information later this week 🙂

    DM Signiture



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