If there’s anyone out there who’d like to know more about Honey and the fascinating trade of beekeeping, or even get involved in it. These videos will be a great source of information.

The first video; HOW DO BEES MAKE HONEY. As the name implies, this video shows the process of how honey is made, from the flower to the sweet golden syrup you buy from supermarkets or beekeepers. Through its animation and in depth explanation using simple terms, I found this one very informative.


This next video; HOW DO BEES MAKE HONEY FOR US TO EAT? is oriented towards a younger audience. I believe, however, that its better to watch something targeted for kids in order to get the basics right. In this one, we even get to see the queen bee up and personal.


The last video; HOW ITS MADE HONEY, is short compared the the other two, however, its quite informative and straight to the point. This was the first one I watched before I wrote the previous post; HONEY, HONEY, HONEY. Since I was a bit time restricted, this video provided the insight I needed to write the post. I recommend this one for those who are either quite busy or impatient to watch long videos.


Lastly, I recommend checking the website; Buzzaboutbees, through the link;

This is an elaborate website with a lot of information concerning bees and honey, mostly bees. One can find details about nurturing and taking care of bees, different type of bees, the life cycle of the bee; from a larva to a fully grown bee, and much more.



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