Now that I’ve acquired all the necessary ingredients, I’ve started brewing the traditional mead. The process to make this one is relatively simple compared to the other ones since its just honey and water with the addition of a few oranges and tea to acquire the necessary acidity levels to encourage yeast cultivation.

The Ingredients 

The first step is to heat up the water and place the honey into a bain-marie bath to make it runny. The honey is then diluted and pasteurized in the water to eliminate any impurities that it may contain.

When the Must cools down to room temperature, it is then transferred in the carboys, where oranges and tea are also added to it to aid in yeast production.

Siphoning the Must into the carboys
The Tea and Orange slices which are added to aid yeast production 

In the meanwhile, the yeast is prepared to be added to the Must, I do this in two stages:

  1. I activate the yeast in a small cup as instructed on the packet.
  2. After 15 minutes, I add it to the yeast starter bottle which contains a portion of the Must. I do this so the yeast can get accustomed to the Must and prevent stagnation (a state where fermentation comes to a stand still)

After 3 days, I poured the content of the yeast starter bottle into the carboys to start the first phase of the fermentation; The Aerobic fermentation.

More information on this will follow in the upcoming days 🙂





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