Almost five weeks have passed since my last post. During that time, the Mead become  more stable and slowly becoming ready to be bottled. It has, slowly, fully stabilized and bubbling activity has come to a stop, leaving behind that beautiful golden color with almost no residue; a sign that now is the time to prepare for the bottling process.


Like the last time when I bottled the Welsh Metheglin, the same procedure will be used, that is; siphoning the Mead into 5 Liter carboys for easy handling and then it will be bottled into the respective wine bottles. Before that, however, all carboys, all bottles, and all the equipment involved in this process has to be properly cleaned and sanitized. Cleaning is done by simply rinsing all the equipment involved with warm water, and after that, the equipment is rinsed in a water-Bisulphite solution to properly sanitize it.


Since the bottles will not be used for now, I filled them with a little sanitizing solution in order to prevent wild micro-organisms from breeding inside them and thus I would have to do the cleaning process all over again.

One the Mead is divided into the smaller carboys, I’ll give it some time to settle again and I’ll start bottling the mead 🙂

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