The bottling process starts by first pouring the mead into the bottles using a measuring jag and a funnel, after, the bottles were corked using the corking device to seal them shut.














The bottles were left to settle down and observed for 3 days, just in case they burst, or the corks push upwards, which, indicates that the fermentation process didn’t come to a stop and more time was needed. Nowadays this doesn’t happen to me, because experience taught me how to recognize that the fermentation process has stopped and the time it requires to be ready, however, I still take that precaution to be safe non the less 😉

Once the bottles showed that they’re safe, then, I affixed the sleeves on the bottle necks using a heat gun, so the bottles would look decent, and to seal their neck permanently to prevent air from tainting the bottles.


Finally, the last step, was to stick on the labels, and they’re good to go 🙂

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