OK, forget the title… To fill you in, what’s going on is that I’m crafting another concoction in the Discordia Labs. This time I’m crafting a chilly based mead.

I was aspired to craft this monstrosity after tasting some chilly liqueurs that a friend of mine brought over. And, from that moment, I was aspired to try and craft this mead, or better to say; this metheglin. Currently, I’m doing some research and experiments with this concept, what I want to accomplish is to create a metheglin which is overall sweet. But, hot enough to give you that famous throat burning sensation as it is swallowed. So the ingredients involved in crafting this metheglin must be well balanced in order to overcome the pepper taste (which I don’t want).

So far, using a sample from the previously brewed Traditional Mead, I managed to get the desired burning sensation using 1 Carolina Reaper pepper (you got that right, I’m using one of the most hot peppers around, hence the name of this article!), now I added 1 cinnamon stick, some mint leaves and an apple to sweeten and balance the taste.

From here, depending on how the sample will taste, I will proceed, if it tastes good I will proceed to brew around 5 liters. If not, I will try other ingredients to sweeten the taste, like; ginger or caramel.

More information to follow 🙂


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