Discordia Meadery is a home based brewery in Malta which specializes in Mead brewing.

I’ve started brewing mead about 4 years ago, were I stumbled on the magnificent beverage through YouTube while surfing. Immediately after seeing the video, I made my very own batch, which was a success. After that, I delved into more research and tried various recipes  that I found from online websites and books.

After that, I wanted to experiment further and made mead recipes completely from scratch, where, I managed to successfully create a coffee infused mead. From there, Discordia Meadery was born.




Through manuscripts and hieroglyphs we know that Mead dates back to Ancient Egypt and Sumeria. Thanks to the Roman Empire, and later the Norse folks, mead made its way to Europe, alongside beer and wine, dominating the medieval Era. When the New World, was discovered, mead managed to spread there through the European settlers. If you wish to learn more, feel free to click here for an in-depth explanation.


To keep it simple, I split my Mead products in five varieties:

  1. Traditional (or classic): the simple honey-water based beverage
  2. Melomel: a fruit flavored or fruit infused Mead
  3. Metheglin: a spiced Melomel *
  4. Pyment: a honey-wine hybrid made from honey and grapes
  5. Hippocras: a spiced Pyment

(*) Metheglins may or may not include fruit, in that case, it is a spiced Traditional Mead.

If you wish to know more in detail, please click here for more information.


I brew the five varieties mentioned above, however the production time will depend on each mead. Some can be ready in three months, others six months and the most complex ones will take up to a year or even two to be ready for bottling.

Due to the long time it takes to ferment, I work using a specific system; when a batch reaches half way through the fermentation process, I make another batch, so when the first batch is ready and bottled, the second one is near completion. Then I’ll make another batch. And so on…