Through manuscripts and hieroglyphs we know that Mead dates back to Ancient Egypt and Sumeria. Thanks to the Roman Empire, and later the Norse folks, mead made its way to Europe, alongside beer and wine, dominating the medieval Era. When the New World, was discovered, mead managed to spread there through the European settlers. If you wish to learn more, feel free to click here for an in-depth explanation.


To keep it simple, I split my Mead products in five varieties:

  1. Traditional (or classic): the simple honey-water based beverage
  2. Melomel: a fruit flavored or fruit infused Mead
  3. Metheglin: a spiced Melomel *
  4. Pyment: a honey-wine hybrid made from honey and grapes
  5. Hippocras: a spiced Pyment

(*) Metheglins may or may not include fruit, in that case, it is a spiced Traditional Mead.

If you wish to know more in detail, please click here for more information.